S 20 – 60

HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 is a silicone sealant which cures at room temperature, and has a very high UV, temperature (up to 180°C) and humidity resistance. Recommended for caulking joints on wood, teak, cork, PVC, …

Application fields

HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 is highly recommended to caulking teakwood decks, building construction and other woodwork applications.

Application advices

The surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust and any traces of grease, water and adhesive residue.


It is preferable to apply an uniform coat of HOLD ON® – T 10 – 50 beforehand to maximise substrates adhesion to resist to extreme conditions.


Due to the wide diversity of surface and many influences which may affect HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 during the application, it’s strongly recommended to test the compatibility under production conditions.


As a reminder, the polymerization rates depends on temperature, humidity level and the thickness of HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 applied.


HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 can be sanded after full polymerization.


HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 is not suitable for full surface bonding. To do this, it’s recommended to use HOLD ON® – P 10 – 20.

Safety / Environnement

The safety data sheet is available on request.
Product conforme to Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS2 and conforms to the regulation REACH. Product without CFC.

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