3 Professional Products

For your ship deck

Whatever the needs or difficulties in bonding boat deck, in teak, cork or synthetic, our technical experience combined with a simple range of 3 professional products assure you the perfect solution adapted to your needs.


The endurance and efficiency of HOLD ON products have been approved through rigorous experiments. HOLD ON products are guaranteed under bad conditions of application and offer very high UV resistance.

T 10 - 50Adhesion primer

HOLD ON® – T 10 – 50 is a synthetic primer recommended for the pretreatment of porous surfaces such as wood, GRP, cork, PVC, t’s also suitable for other substrates such as raw aluminium.

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Hold on T 10-50
P 10 - 20Elastic adhesive and sealant

HOLD ON® – P 10 – 20 is a self-levelling elastic adhesive and sealant, spreadable which cures with ambiant humidity on porous substrates. Recommended for full surface bonding coverings, panels, timber battens, cork, …

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S 20 - 60Silicone sealant

HOLD ON® – S 20 – 60 is a silicone sealant which polymerized at room temperature, and has a very high UV, temperature (up to 180°C) and humidity resistance. Recommended for caulking joints on wood, teak, cork, PVC, …

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Hold on S 20-60

1 Product at each step

  • 1

    T 10 - 50

    Preparing surfaces | T 10 - 50

    Applied to optimize substrate adhesion

  • 2

    P 10 - 20

    Full surface bonding | P 10 - 20

    For boat deck covering in teak, cork and synthetic

  • 3

    S 20 - 60

    Caulking | S 20 - 60

    For caulking ships decks made of teak, cork and synthetic

HOLD ON Range Application

Caulking joints